Myrsky restoration continues after Christmas break

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Since mid-January the Tuesday Club team has been working again in the restoration space of the Finnish Aviation Museum, continuing the restoration of Myrsky after the Christmas break. Other Tuesday Club activity is still on a break due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Myrsky restoration is continued by only half a dozen club members, taking all Covid-19 restrictions and recommendations into account.



Lower photo: Jouni Ripatti.

The lower sides of Myrsky’s wings were painted with another layer of the grey adhesion primer and then it was time to begin with the undercoat painting of the upper side of the wing. Before the wings were turned, excessive paint was scraped from the edges of the inspection hatches on the lower side of the wing. This allows the aluminium hatch doors to sink properly into their openings and to the level of the plywood surface. Some rather awkward working positions were needed in this phase.


When the undercoat painting of the lower sides had been finished, the Tuesday Club started the preparations for turning the wings so that the upper sides can be painted. Steel tube lifting frames had been made to be fastened on the wing tip and wing root when the wing is turned. The frames have a shaft extension for fastening the lifting slings.


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The lifting slings were fastened on the frames and one wing at the time was lifted from the worktable with a stacker and a lifter and turned around. Now the unpainted wing surface was facing upward. The wing was place back on the worktable and the lifting frames at the ends of the wing were unfastened. Now all preparations have been made and the undercoat painting of the upper side of the wings can be started.

Photos: Lassi Karivalo except when separately otherwise mentioned

Translation: Erja Reinikainen

Avainsanat: aviation history, restoration, VL Myrsky, MY-14

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