Santa Claus visited Caravelle

Tiistai 12.12.2023 - Ismo Matinlauri


On Saturday, December 9th, we had the pleasure to welcome Santa Claus on board our Caravelle. Santa turned out to be a competent pilot and well familiar with the Caravelle’s flight deck equipment. This is understandable – after all, he has hundreds of years’ experience of flying with reindeer.



The aircraft was open to the public, too. The weather was slightly colder than during the assembly phase in the beginning of June, now it was -5 degrees Centigrade. The rear pantry was in use for the first time, serving visitors glögg and gingerbread and juice boxes to the younger ones.



During the day we had 63 visitors, including about 15 children. The visitor from farthest away came from Portugal. The visitors were genuinely excited and interested about the airliner and stayed a long time despite the cold weather.



The hydraulic system of the rear stairway had been repaired a couple of days earlier so we could have the stair open during Santa’s visit. This way the visitors could move flexibly to the aircraft’s tail and behind it, where the Rantala crane truck was parked. The truck interested especially the youngest visitors.



After the last visitors, we topped up the bags of de-icing salt to make sure the de-humidifying continues inside the aircraft. Santa’s visit was a suitable closing for this eventful year in our Caravelle.



The Caravelle team wishes our readers Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Photos by Ismo Matinlauri

Translation by Erja Reinikainen

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