Wings of Tuuli III to Hämeenlinna to be painted

Maanantai 15.2.2016 - Member of Tuesday Club


On Thursday February 4th 2016 the Matias Laitinen from the Finnish Aviation Museum and Riikka Riihimäki from the Tavastia Vocational College shook hands as a sign of agreement to repaint the Tuuli III at the Tavastia Vocational College in Hämeenlinna.


According to the agreement the Tuuli III, its paintwork badly worn by years of open-air storage, will be repainted as a hands-on project by a group pf students at the Tavastia Vocational College.


The wings, already prepared for painting by the “Tuesday-Club” were ready to be transported to Hämeenlinna in the Clubs work-shop. As preparation all removable parts had been removed from the wings, ailerons, stabilizer and elevators. Then the wings and all removed parts had been packed so that everything was ready for transportation on February 11th, as agreed.


On Thursday morning the Tavastia Vocational Colleges lorry arrived at the door of the Finnish Aviation Museums restoration shop and the loading begun. First the wings, then the rest of the stuff. When everything was properly secured the trip to Hämeenlinna could begin.


At the Tavastia Vocational College the lorry was met and unloaded by enthusiastic members of the Surface-treatment Guild and in no time everything had been moved to proper storage awaiting further activities in preparation for their painting.


When the wings had been loaded on the lorry, there was space for the fuselage of the Tuuli III in the museums restoration-workshop. It can now be moved from the yard into the workshop and there it will be in turn for the removal of all parts necessary to be removed to make its painting easier. When ready, the “stripped” fuselage will make the trip to the waiting enthusiast in Hämeenlinna.

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