My-14 got something that she shouldn't have

Torstai 22.6.2017 - Reino Myllymäki


According to the modification announcement dated late July 1944 at the State Aircraft Factory, the alarm buzzer of the landing gear should be substituted by the pilot light in VL Myrsky II. The maintenance instructions do not tell anything about the alarm buzzer.

That is a warning system in order to warn when the engine runs idle and the landing gear is up. It was intented to avoid belly landings. The buzzer could be turned off by a switch.

The alarm buzzer has disappeared but the bracket remained. According to that, the MY-14 had an alarm buzzer. It had not been changed to the pilot light during the repairs.


There were several alarm buzzers including brackets in the storages of the Finnish Air Force Museum. The best one has been restored for the MY-14. The orginial bracket was accepted but the mounting plate was renewed. The Siemens switch is an original spare part but the lacking press button was manufactured in the workshop.

The alarm buzzer is located in the rear part of the cabin, front of the radio.

Photos: The Finnish Air Force Museum.

Avainsanat: aviation history, restoring, old aircraft, VL Myrsky II, MY-14

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