Myrsky activities in July

Tiistai 23.7.2019 - Member of Tuesday Club


The Tuesday Club members involved in the restoration work of Myrsky (MY-14) don’t want to stay away from the workshop, not even in July! They want to bring the restoration project forward even during the holiday season.


The team has concentrated on finishing the covering on the starboard wing’s lower side. Now all the inner structures and the equipment inside the wing have been covered with plywood. However, some minor details in the plywood covering are still under work.


When the lower side of the starboard wing is ready, the work will continue on the port wing. The upper side of the port wing has been already covered between the spars. The work on the port wing includes installing all operation mechanisms of the ailerons and landing gear inside the wing, fastening the trailing edge ribs on the rear spars and covering the flap cavity on the trailing edge with plywood. Simultaneously the covering work can be started on the lower side, in the area between the spars, starting at the wing tip. All this work has been done already on the starboard wing, so the team anticipates the work to progress smoothly.



The wing has not been the only Myrsky work item in July. The port and starboard horizontal stablilizers have been covered and the plywood covering seams have been buffed out. The vertical and horizontal stabilizers were fastened on an assembly jig in order to install the root fairings on the seams where the stabilizers meet. The original Myrsky tail root fairings can be used, and no reproduction is needed. However, the original tail root fairings have been slightly damaged, so they need to be straightened and repaired before assembly.


The original duraluminium elevators have also been repaired, because they have some fractures and some parts are missing. The elevators will be installed on the horizontal stabilizer when they have been repaired.


A wooden last was made to shape the Myrsky’s engine cover, ie. NACA ring. In July the last for the upper half of the NACA ring was sent to the company which will prepare the ring. The upper half consists of three aluminium plate segments welded together. The three parts were shaped against the last, using a lead whip. When the shape was correct, the segments were welded together to form the upper half of the NACA ring. The part came back to the Tuesday Club in mid-July. The upper half of the ring will have to be slightly modified and an opening for the engine air intake will have to be made before the upper half can be fastened on the rest of the NACA ring.

Photos: Lassi Karivalo.

Translation from Finnish to English: Erja Reinikainen.

Avainsanat: aviation history, restoring, old aircraft, VL Myrsky II, MY-14