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The VL Myrsky fighter has 24V direct current electrical system. In the wings the equipment that need electricity are the navigation light, in the port wing the heating for the pitot tube (i.e. speed detector), the releasing system of the auxiliary fuel tank or bomb and the release indicator of the auxiliary fuel tank or bomb. These devices are operated from the cockpit with switches. Indirectly electrically operated are also the landing gear and the flaps, located in the wings. These are moved with operation bars, linked to electrical motors located in the fuselage. The ailerons move mechanically when the stick is moved.





The auxiliary fuel tank or bomb is released from the hanger on the wing when the hook-shaped lock/release latch of the hanger is released. The fuel tank or bomb has a bracket for hanging the tank/bomb on the latch. The latch is released electrically using a solenoid. The fuel tank or bomb release indicator functions so that when the tank or the bomb is on the hanger, the indicator’s spring pin is pressed into the indicator. When the tank or the bomb is released, the pin is freed and causes an electrical impulse in the indicator and forwards the information to the signal lamp in the cockpit.



The electrical cables in the wing are led through ducting tubes inside the wing. Power cables from the fuselage are led into the joint box which is fastened on the wing rib next to the auxiliary fuel tank / bomb hanger. From the box there are separate power cables to the different devices. There are two round hatches on the upper surface of the wing for maintenance work that is needed on the hanger and the joint box.



The Tuesday Club team is installing the electrical cabling on the port wing. The cables have been pulled through the ducting from the wing root to the joint box. The cables for the navigation light, pitot tube and auxiliary fuel tank / bomb hanger are being installed into the joint box. At the moment the cabling is still loose and crawling through the maintenance hatch on the wing top, but some cables have already been installed to their proper places.

Photos: Lassi Karivalo

Translation: Erja Reinikainen

Avainsanat: aviation history, restoration, VL Myrsky, MY-14

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