Tuesday Club activities are suspended until end of the year

Maanantai 19.10.2020 - Tuesday Club member


Tuesday Club activities have been suspended due to the Covid 19 coronavirus pandemic since March. However, the restoration work on VL Myrsky II (MY-14) has been continued by a small task force, so that the continuation of the project is ensured.

The coronavirus pandemic seemed to subside during the summer, and we thought it would be possible to relaunch Tuesday Club activities in the autumn. Then we would know whether the positive development of the epidemic is permanent and there would not be a second wave. But this is not what happened. The epidemic started to spread again in August and by September it was obvious that the second wave had arrived.

Therefore the Finnish Aviation Museum and the Aviation  Museum Society came to the conclusion that the risk for the Tuesday Club members, many of whom were in the risk group, to catch the virus in the museum’s restoration space would be too high if the activity continued. Therefore, it was decided that the Tuesday Club activities are suspended until the end of the year. This was very disappointing decision for the Club members, but it was the right and understandable thing to do.


The Finnish Aviation Museum and the Aviation Museum Society decided, nevertheless, that the restoration activities of VL Myrsky II (MY-14) can be continued by the Tuesday Club at the museum, but with restrictions. The aim of these measures is to ensure that the Myrsky restoration project can be completed next year. The restrictions mean that only about half a dozen Club members can be working simultaneously on Myrsky in the restoration space – naturally wearing masks and other protective items also, if needed.

The Finnish Aviation Museum decided to suspend also other activities run by volunteers (such as guided tours) until the end of the year. The justification is to protect the risk group members in the common spaces of the museum. The recommendations, given on 21.9.2020 by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Finnish institute of health and welfare, say that the risk group members should avoid close contacts during the epidemic, and therefore it is not advisable to take part in public events or gatherings, or activities arranged in public spaces.

Photo: Lassi Karivalo

Translation: Erja Reinikainen

Avainsanat: aviation history, restoration, VL Myrsky, MY-14

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