Pot plate is taking shape

Sunnuntai 13.3.2016 - Reino Myllymäki


I got message from Antero Flander a month ago. He had started to make the pot plate of the MY-14.

Pot plate is a nick name for the engine bulkhead. It is a metallic plate between the engine and its stand. It directs air streaming and tries to protect fuel tank and cockpit against fire.

In case of radial engine the pot plate is round and shaped smooth in order ro direct air stream well. Due to four machinge guns and ten exhaust tubes the shape of the pot plate is quite challenging.

Since none original pot plate was preserved, it must be done. Antero Flander and his company Flanco Oy at Rautalampi took the task. Flanco Oy is specialized in making cupolas. The following photos tell the first steps.




Reino Myllymäki

Avainsanat: aviation history, restoring, old aircraft, VL Myrsky II, MY-14

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