One original wooden part to MY-14

Torstai 1.6.2017 - Reino Myllymäki


The VL Myrsky II restoration project has three steel-tube fuselage framework (MY-5, MY-9 & MY-14). They have lain on the ground below an open sky at least 20 years. Therefore wooden parts have decayed and steel parts have corroded. The project has got ready for substitute all wooden parts by reproduction ones.


There is boarding step located below the rear side of the canopy in the left side of the fuselage. The boarding step has a small hatch in order to keep the fuselage streamlined when the step is not in use.


The boarding steps of MY-5, MY-9 and MY-14 were all very corroded and the hinges of hatches were stuck. Luckily, one unused original spare part has been found in the storages of the Finnish Air Force Museum. One supporting tube was broken and there is a hole in an aluminium box.


The steel structure, the hatch with hinges and the plywood frame have been taken from the unused spare. The lacking tube was taken from the step of MY-14. It was welded to the steel structure.


The aluminum box was taken from the step of the MY-5. The metallic parts were blasted by glass balls and painted. The dented aluminium parts of the box and the hatch were corrected. The original screws of the plywood frame and box were substituted by equivalent new screws.

It seems that MY-14 will have at least one original wooden part: the plywood frame of the boarding step.

Historical photo: The Finnish Aviation Museum. MY-9 photo: Reino Myllymäki. Other photos: The Finnish Air Force Museum.

Avainsanat: aviation history, restoring, old aircraft, VL Myrsky II, MY-14

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