About the parts of the Myrsky landing-gear struts

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Though the test-wing under construction for the VL Myrsky (MY-14) by the Aviation Museum Society’s Tuesday Club is not yet ready for the installation of the main landing-gear parts of the landing-gear assembly have already been made and are ready to be installed.

Unfortunately, only some original parts, such as wheels including brake mechanisms and parts for fastening the landing-gear assembly to the wing-spars, have been found. Thus, we need to have a number of the parts for the complicated landing-gear assembly manufactured.

Luckily, we have most of the drawings needed for the manufacturing of the landing-gear parts available. Also, the landing-gear of the 1:4 scale Myrsky model made by our Myrsky-project manager Matti Patteri is proving most helpful.

Patria Oy has taken the responsibility for manufacturing the oleo-struts. The Tuesday-Club’s Myrsky-project team has taken the responsibility for all other parts of the landing-gear. Thus, in addition to having the main responsibility for the wooden parts, the project team will also work on some metal-parts for the Myrsky.


The topmost object is the landing gear of 1:4 model of Myrsky manufactured by Mr. Matti Patteri.

This far, we have already finished the lower and upper forks of the scissor-joint that is a part of landing-gear retraction mechanism at the lower end of the oleo-strut as well as the axle beam components  attached to the wheel-hub. Also the lug-tube that will go on to the middle of the oleo-strut and to which the forks of the landing-gear retraction mechanism as well as the rear landing-gear support strut will be attached. The upper fastening fork that goes onto the top end of the oleo strut has already been made.


Matti Patteri has been responsible for the design and guidance for the manufacturing of the metal parts including the laser-cutting as well as for the making of the jigs needed for the welding-work. Welding-work has also been performed at the Vantaa Vocational College Varia. The machining of some of the small metal parts has been done by Elmer Oy.  

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