Stiffeners were riveted on cover of landing gear oleo strut on Myrsky's starboard wing

Maanantai 23.8.2021 - Tuesday Club member


The Tuesday Club team has continued its work on the covers for the Myrsky fighter’s landing gear on the starboard wing. U-profile stiffening battens were riveted on the cover of the oleo strut, which was otherwise ready. The stiffeners were cut from aluminium plate and pressed into shape. They are riveted on the inside edge of the cover. The cover and stiffeners have already been chromated.





The riveting was started by fastening the first of the four stiffening battens on the edge of the cover with cleco fasteners. Clecos, which are fastened in the rivet holes with nose pliers, are used for the temporary fastening of work pieces which will be riveted or welded together. In spite of the cleco-fastening, the rivet holes had to be slightly shaped with a round file to make the rivets slide nicely into their holes.





The rivets used were 3x6 mm flathead rivets. The stiffeners were riveted on the cover plate rivet by rivet. A compressed air riveting gun was used. All four stiffeners have now been riveted. The cover plate has been preliminarily assembled on the oleo strut of the starboard wing. It fits nicely into its place.

Photos: Lassi Karivalo

Translation: Erja Reinikainen.

Avainsanat: aviation history, restoration, VL Myrsky, MY-14

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