The Finnish DC-Association's DC-3 visited Turku

Sunnuntai 8.10.2023 - Ismo Matinlauri


On Wednesday, October 4th, the Caravelle restoration work was interrupted in a very positive way: The DC-Association’s Douglas DC-3 OH-LCH landed in Turku and taxied to the airport terminal.


We can say that “the flying eternally youthful visited the new senior”. The DC-3 was in Turku on a training flight and the crew came to see how the Caravelle’s restoration work is progressing.


The crew members who visited the Caravelle: pilot Mikka Rautakoura, maintenance director Jussi Pakarinen, mechanic Reino Ahola and chief pilot Petri Munukka.

There was a lively conversation in the cabin and on the flight deck about the technology used in the Caravelle. The visitors were particularly interested in how the acquisition of the flight instruments for the instrument panel is progressing.



Photos by Ismo Matinlauri

A brief update on the restoration work: This week we installed the last new plywood boards into the floor and now the necessary areas have been replaced. Four boards of 12 mm thick waterproof plywood were needed, but now the critical areas of the floor are in good condition.




We installed a sheet of thick plexiglass in the cabin floor area above the wing-fuselage joint. In the future the visitors are able to see the details of the wing-fuselage joint.

Outside the aircraft the polishing work on the fuselage has also progressed. The polishing of the front section will be completed before the autumn rain and cold weather settle in. During the following two weeks a permanent fence will be built around the aircraft. That will be the topic in the blog at the end of this month.

Photos by Jouko Tarponen except if otherwise mentioned.

Translation by Erja Reinikainen. 

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