Control column for MY-14

Torstai 6.7.2017 - Reino Myllymäki

The original control column of the MY-14 is not preserved. Only the rocker, balusters, the root and the wiring were left in the steel framework of the MY-14. All parts in the frame were corroded. Luckily, the surfaces of the sliding bearings were in good condition.


A control column of the VL Myrsky in the show in the Jämijärvi airshow in July 2015. Photo: Reino Myllymäki.

The Finnish Air Force Museum had two incomplete control columns of the VL Myrsky. Another of them was restored wrongly. By using parts of both control columns, the MY-14 could get it.

The Bakelite cover has been taken from the wrongly restored column. The firing button was found in the storages. The root block of the column was in better condition than the one in the MY-14´s frame and it was accepted to restoration. Otherwise MY-14´s original parts were accepted.


The MY-14 cockpit on June 20th 2017. The crank starter and the switch of the alarm buzzer on the left top. The propeller control lever and the throttle levers below them. The tail wheel lever, the trim control box and the map box at the bottom. The meaning of the brackets above the map box will be found from the next blog. Photo: The Finnish Air Force Museum.

The parts of the mechanism were blasted by glass balls and painted separately. The stick of the control column was left unpainted and lacquered by Isotrol Klarlack only. The red help texts were repainted. The wiring renewing would demand the dissassembly of the riveting and therefore only the visible part was renewed.

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