Switch box of landing gear motor for MY-14

Torstai 20.7.2017 - Reino Myllymäki

Not long ago I found a design principle of VL Myrsky: They tried to use mechanic and electric systems and avoid pneumatic and hydraulic systems. Only landing gear wheel brakes are hydraulic and the fuel transfer from drop tanks to the main fuel tank is based on compressed air.

All other systems are either mechanic or electric. There are three electric motors: starter, gill adjustment motor and the motor of landing gear and flaps.

According to the guidelines of the steering committee of the VL Myrsky II restoration project the mechanism of the landing gear system will not be complete. The landing gear will be moved in and out but not electrically. The reason for that is that almost all parts of the system are missing and the aircraft will stay over landin gear in the show. The complete system would be very expensive.

When the aircraft has a electric motor, it has switches and switch box, too. The switch box of landing gear's electric motor is situated near the motor and the battery in the rear part of the cockpit.


The switch box of the MY-14 is still alive ... at least almost. The box is twisted and in poor condition. Instead of it, a useless original switchbox has been taken to be the basis of the restoration work. One Siemens LMS 1-2 solenoid switch has been found in the Finnish Air Force Museum and another in the Hallinportti Aviation Museum. The covers and the main switch were found in the storages of the Finnish Air Force Museum. The switch panel has taken from the switch box of the MY-14.


The switch panel was disassembled, cleaned by phosphoric acid and LPS oil and the locked up screws were opened. The Bakelite marking strip was cleaned and the new markings were painted on white. The parts of the main switch were blasted by glass balls and the rebound cable was renewed.


The main switch was cleaned by soda blasting and equipped by the base plate of the original switch. The solenoid switches got base plates of the original switch box, too. The base plates had to be straightened and cleaned by soda blasting.


The mounting brackets were straightened, blasted by glass balss and painted first by strippin lacquer and then by the paint finish. The box was cleaned by washing agent and Miraclean. The result was protected by Renaissance vax. The fixing screws were straightened.


Finally, the switch box was fixed to the fuselage.

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