Cockpit bulkhead for MY-14

Torstai 27.7.2017 - Reino Myllymäki

VL Myrsky has two aluminium bulkheads. The front bulkhead is vertical and it is located just after the engine stand. The rear bulkhead - the cockpit bulkead - is inclined and is located in front of the cockpit. The engine with accessories is located in front of the front bulkhead. There is between bulkheads a space for the fuel tank, the oil tank, cartridge boxes and the box for spent cartridge cases - and the veapons.


After WWII the aluminum plate was expensive and therefore the middle parts of the cockpit bulkheads of the MY-5, MY-9 and MY-14 have exploited and only the borders are left. These parts have lot of through holes with Parkesine abrasion shelters.


The restoration of the cockpit bulkhead started from drawings. The shape of the bulkhead transferred to a cardboard. The existing parts of the bulkheads set against the drawing. The shape of the bulkhead was correct but some of the through holes were in different places. Some holes were coated by riveted aluminium discs and now holes were made in new places. All of them was modelled to the new bulkhead.


The new bulkhead was made from 0,4 mm duraluminum plate by using the cardboard as a model. The needed thorough holes were made and the abrasion shelters were made from the original Parkesine. Some of the thorough holes had rubber barrels and they were renewed by using partially original spare parts. The original aluminium coating discs were exploited except one which destroyed during the dismounting.

The restoration work of the cockpit bulkhead is incomplete.

Avainsanat: aviation history, restoring, old aircraft, VL Myrsky II, MY-14

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