Wing root fairing of Myrsky?s port wing at Tuesday Club

Sunnuntai 11.4.2021 - Tuesday Club member


The joint of Myrsky-fighter’s (VL Myrsky II) fuselage and wing is covered with a wing root fairing, made of 1 mm thick aluminium sheet. The wing root fairing consists of a short front section, which covers the leading edge of the wing and reaches under the fuselage. The longer rear section of the wing root fairing covers the seam of the fuselage and the wing, all the way to the trailing edge and around it.



The rear section of the port wing root fairing was sent to the Tuesday Club for further modifications. It came from Flanco Oy where Antero Flander had forced it into shape against a mould. The Finnish Air Force Museum, working on Myrsky’s restoration at Tikkakoski, had made the sturdy plywood mould. The wing root fairing was made from three aluminium sheets, forced into shape against the mould and then welded together.


The parts of the port and starboard wing root fairings, which cover the front section of the fuselage and wing joint, had already been sent from Flanco Oy to the Tuesday Club in Vantaa where the parts were welded together. The moulds for the front sections had been made by the Tuesday Club. Flanco Oy has helped in making several other metal parts that are needed in the restoration of the Myrsky MY-14.


The Tuesday Club team had now both sections of the port wing root fairing and they could be preliminarily fitted into place at the root of the port wing.


The front and rear sections of the wing root fairings will be finalized at the Tuesday Club, joined together and test assembled. The front and rear sections will be joined together with a joint where the aluminium plate riveted on the lower side of the rear section’s front edge is pushed under the front section’s edge. The holes have not yet been made for the flange nuts, which are used for fastening the wing root fairing sections to the side of the fuselage and to the wing surface.


The wing root fairings will be test assembled when the wing halves, made and undercoat painted at the Tuesday Club, will be assembled on the fuselage frame of VL Myrsky MY-5 at the Finnish Aviation Museum. However, it will take some time before the wing root fairings are ready for the test assembly.

Photos: Lassi Karivalo

Translation: Erjan Reinikainen.

Avainsanat: aviation history, restoration, VL Myrsky, MY-14