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Keskiviikko 6.10.2021 - Tuesday Club member


The Tuesday Club does not only do aircraft restoration projects - the team carries out also other assignments, which are connected to the activities of the Finnish Aviation Museum and the Aviation Museum Society.


During the autumn the dust removing work has been started in the Finnish Aviation Museum’s Hall I and Hall II. A major dusting the museum aircraft surfaces was done about three years ago. Now mainly the surfaces of the aircraft on the museum floor are cleaned, because the dusting of the aircraft hanging from the ceiling requires a lifting platform, which isn’t available at the moment. The surfaces of the aircraft in Hall I are already bright and clean for the visitors to admire.


There are some aircraft fuselage frames and rear fuselages stored on the yard of the Aviation Museum. These include the rear fuselages of Bristol Blenheim (BL-180) and Douglas DC-3 (OH-LCA). Of the Blenheims which were in use in Finland, the BL-180 belongs to the series V. The OH-LCA was destroyed in 1963 when it hit the trees when landing on the Maarianhamina airfield. During the years the tarpaulins which have covered the rear fuselages have ripped and decayed and they were renewed. The DC-3 tarpaulin was replaced already earlier this year. The Tuesday Club team helped the museum staff to remove the torn tarpaulin from the BL-180 fuselage and covered it with a new one.



During the summer there is a fenced Children’s World outside the Finnish Aviation Museum. There young visitors can drive around on the pedal aircraft, made by the Tuesday Club, or “fly” in the real Cessna 172 Skyhawk (OH-COO), which was purchased for this purpose. In the autumn the Children’s World was closed and prepared for the winter. The Tuesday Club team helped the museum staff to take down the surrounding fence and to move the Cessna under the wing of the neighbouring DC-3 “Lokki” (OH-LCD) for the winter.



The Tuesday Club team has made aircraft-shaped pot coasters which have been for sale in the Aviation Museum shop as well as in the webshop of the Aviation Museum Society. These popular pot coasters ran out, but more will be made during the autumn.



Photo: Janne Salonen.


Photo: Janne Salonen.

The Aviation Museum Society’s Caravelle-project has now taken a step forward as the airport company Finavia and the Aviation Museum Society have agreed that the Sud Aviation SE 210 Caravelle III, which has been standing in Arlanda in Sweden, will be placed on display at the Turku airport. A taste of Caravelle has already been sent to Turku: the main landing gear of a Super Caravelle. The landing gear is owned by the Aviation Museum Society, and it was cleaned at the Tuesday Club before it was delivered to the Turku airport terminal and placed on display there.

Photos: Lassi Karivalo except if separately otherwise mentioned.

Translation: Erja Reinikainen.

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